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Mobile Design & Development
Fast, Fearless, and No B.S.

Posse is a mobile design and development studio in NYC, New York. We create amazing mobile apps and digital experiences with exceptional entrepreneurs and brands. Our apps get downloaded millions of times, generate revenue, and are featured on app stores.

We love creating exceptional products.
We really love mobile.

iOS / Android

We have deep expertise creating iOS and Android experiences. Posse is one of the first agencies certified by Google.

Server Side / APIs

We've mastered the art of building scalable, reliable mobile APIs — the unsung heros of great mobile apps.

Design / Strategy

We know what it takes to create a successful mobile experience. We can help you define and desgin something truly special.

Hardware / Wearables

We integrate with the latest developments in hardware. iBeacon, VR, wearables...we've got you covered.

Posse is one of the first agencies officially certified by Google.

We are Posse
Mobile design & development.
Fast, Fearless, and No B.S.
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